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PooCoin is one of the most popular DeFi analysis platforms in the cryptocurrency space. During its peak, it ranked among the top 700 websites globally.




PooCoin is one of the most popular DeFi analytics platforms in the cryptocurrency industry, ranking among the top 700 websites globally at its peak. This places PooCoin even higher in ranking than PancakeSwap (CAKE), the most popular DEX on the Binance Smart Chain. This is a significant achievement that clearly demonstrates the popularity of smaller tokens.

The PooCoin website features an index of all token contracts on the supported networks. This includes current buy and sell data, as well as information on market capitalization and important wallets for each project.

The platform primarily focuses on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) but also covers Polygon (MATIC) and KuChain. Tokens on these networks are displayed as trading pairs, such as Binance Coin (BNB) or Ethereum (ETH).

PooCoin for memecoins

PooCoin is indeed useful for tracking and analyzing various memecoins. However, it's important to note that not all thousands of memecoins can be tracked through this application, as PooCoin only supports a limited number of networks. Nonetheless, the platform is valuable for providing clear visibility into price movements. While many people use Tradingview for this purpose, it may not be a suitable solution for less-known coins.

When accessing the PooCoin website, users can directly input the token address or token name. The correct token address or name can typically be found on websites like Coingecko or Coinmarketcap. By copying this information from reputable platforms, users can ensure that they are not using incorrect data and avoid accessing the wrong platform.

PooCoin Features

The PooCoin application is a unique website where investors can benefit from various features. To provide you with the most comprehensive description of the possibilities on PooCoin, we will detail the different features below:


This tool is crucial for investors. The charts on PooCoin reflect the buying and selling behavior of different tokens. Therefore, charts are the most important feature of PooCoin. The current numbers are always displayed in relation to BNB or ETH, depending on the blockchain you are looking into. This means that if there is an AOC token, users can track it on the Binance network using the AOC/BNB trading pair.

Users can not only find the current candlestick charts but also discover other interesting information. This information can be found by searching for specific tokens. Some examples of the additional information that users can find alongside the PooCoin charts.

Liquidity: In addition to tracking prices, PooCoin also records the quantity of LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens and the overall liquidity. Tokens with higher liquidity tend to experience less price volatility. On the other hand, smaller tokens with lower liquidity can exhibit significantly higher volatility as there is less depth in the order book.

Transactions: This directly leads to the last committed transactions on the blockchain scanner. This data will match the trades listed below the charts on PooCoin.

Contracts: Users can directly read contracts on BSCScan (or any other blockchain scanner), so it is important to verify the source code. Users can also copy the smart contract address and input it into the application. By doing so, they can obtain a security assessment of that contract. Contracts that have locked liquidity or token burning mechanisms typically receive higher ratings in terms of security evaluation.

Token Holders: This displays the largest holders of the token. PooCoin ensures that potentially dangerous tokens are automatically flagged. Dangerous tokens can be those that have the potential to cause harm, such as in the case of tokenomics manipulation. When certain developers or wallets hold a significant portion of the token's supply, they can greatly impact the token's price, especially in the case of token dumps. Therefore, PooCoin provides protection against such projects.

Multi-Chain Support

The PooCoin application initially started with a focus on tokens on the BSC network. However, the platform has expanded its support to other blockchains as well. With this multi-chain support, PooCoin allows users to switch to another blockchain with just a click of a button. By supporting BSC, Polygon, and KuChain, users can discover a wide range of coins through PooCoin.

Multi-Chart Feature

Another notable feature of PooCoin is its multi-chart functionality. With this feature, users can monitor multiple charts simultaneously. It's not limited to just two or three charts, but up to 9 charts at once! This is particularly useful for active traders or investors who closely track prices. The multi-chart feature is beneficial for users who want to monitor multiple tokens simultaneously, allowing them to quickly assess the situation.

Wallet Tracking

With the wallet tracking feature of PooCoin, users can easily track the balances of their wallets. All the tokens in a user's wallet can be imported to the platform and displayed on the right side of the application, showing the value in USD. This data is shown alongside the current data from PooCoin. This feature allows users to conveniently monitor the value of their token holdings within the platform.

Tool Widget

The PooCoin tool widget is a token exchange tool that is available beneath each chart on PooCoin. It allows investors to directly buy or sell tokens without the need to consult decentralized exchanges. These transactions can be conducted through PooCoin, saving a significant amount of time.

By clicking on "Trade," the trading widget opens up. Through this widget, users can easily exchange tokens within the platform. Every user has the option to start using this feature for free.


Underneath the charts on PooCoin, users can find detailed analysis. One example of this is the overview of token buys and sells. PooCoin synchronizes the last 100 transactions of a token. Token buys are displayed in green, while token sells are displayed in red, just like candles on the chart.

The "Buyers" and "Sellers" labels track the top addresses for each respective token. These addresses are the ones conducting transactions with the token, so the timeframe comes into play here. This feature is also referred to as the whale tracker. It makes it easy for inexperienced cryptocurrency traders to identify what whales are trading and allows them to react accordingly.

PooCoin Telegram Bot

The PooCoin Telegram bot is a free, programmable cryptocurrency tracking bot built on the blockchains that PooCoin is concerned with. It involves viewing token prices and, based on that, the PooCoin Telegram bot provides immediate analysis of the prices.

For many investors, Telegram is a widely used tool, and it is also very useful for PooCoin's charts. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can check token prices directly through the PooCoin bot on Telegram. This can be done by inputting code words, such as the code word "/price".

There are also different tiers in this field. These tiers are known as PooCoin Premium tiers and are part of PooCoin Premium. There are a total of three different tiers, each with its own price and features.

PooCoin Token

PooCoin Token (POOCOIN) is a token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. This token has the feature of taxing these tokens. When transactions are made using this token, a tax of 8% is applied. Within this 8%, 4% is burned, meaning it is permanently removed from circulation. The other half is distributed among the other token holders. This tax is applied to every transaction, even when transferring your tokens to another wallet.


They were once referred to as "sh*tcoins," but the team behind PooCoin turned that name into another nickname. Now, these coins are commonly known as memecoins. Generally, the name PooCoin is seen as a hindrance because it doesn't sound serious. However, cryptocurrency enthusiasts who enjoy investing in these types of coins understand this culture.

The team behind PooCoin has several plans to develop more features on the platform. Additionally, they intend to track small-cap coins on more blockchains.

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