Which Countries Lead the Adoption of Web3 Games?

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Which Countries Lead the Adoption of Web3 Games?

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Since their inception, Web3 games have captured global attention. But which countries are at the forefront of adopting Web3 games? We will review the Web3 gaming industry from 2021 to 2023 and identify the countries or regions that have shown strong interest in Web3 games.

According to CoinGecko's statistics (source: https://cryptonews.net/news/other/20996145/), there are 9 countries and regions at the forefront of Web3 games, exhibiting consistent enthusiasm for this revolutionary trend. These include the Philippines, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). They consistently appear in the top 15 for the most searched Web3 game-related terms, indicating a profound impact of this novel gaming trend in these countries or regions.

Southeast Asia: The Powerhouse of Web3 Games

Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam, has undeniably been a powerhouse and has maintained a significant presence in the top 15 global rankings for years. As early as 2021, this vibrant region had 5 countries in the top 15, with Indonesia and India from South Asia sharing the 15th spot.

In 2022, Southeast Asia's influence grew stronger, adding two more countries to the list. However, in 2023, only the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam continued to shine in the top 15, showcasing their unwavering interest in Web3 games.

Which Countries Lead the Adoption of Web3 Games?

Turning our attention to East Asia, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Mainland China have consistently shown the greatest fascination with Web3 games. However, other countries or regions in the area have yet to enter the top 15.

In South Asia, interest in Web3 games has been like a roller coaster ride. Initially, 3 countries from the region made it to the top 15 in 2021, but in 2022, it dropped to only 1. 2023 saw a significant revival, with four countries making it to the list. Pakistan stood out, demonstrating steadfast interest in Web3 games over the years.

In 2023, the Philippines maintained its top position, remaining the most interested country in Web3 games for three consecutive years. Following closely are Nigeria, Pakistan, and Singapore, all making commendable progress in their rankings.

Meanwhile, South Korea surpassed Hong Kong and Mainland China, securing the 6th spot, reflecting a steady growth of interest over the years. On the other hand, Vietnam, Mainland China, and the UAE saw their rankings drop due to declining search interest.

In 2023, Europe also joined the ranks, with the Netherlands leading as the sole European country in the top 15. This achievement followed a more than doubled increase in search popularity compared to the previous two years.

Which Countries Lead the Adoption of Web3 Games?

2023 introduced four new competitors – Kenya, Lebanon, and Sri Lanka, along with the Netherlands, making their debut in the top 15. Their performance even surpassed the UAE, which had consistently made it to the top 15 for three years.

In South Asia, Nepal and India re-entered the top 15 after a brief hiatus in the previous year.

Fluctuating Trends in Web3 Game Interest

From 2021 to 2022, interest declined in six countries, reflecting a shift from a bullish to a bearish market. However, they experienced a hopeful recovery in 2023. The Netherlands, Lebanon, Nepal, and India surpassed their 2021 levels, while Australia rebounded to its original level.

However, not all countries embarked on the path of recovery. As a hotbed for Web3 games, the Philippines saw a slight increase in interest in 2023, but it remained below its outstanding performance in 2021.

Moreover, the 9 countries that showed increased interest in Web3 games in 2022 did not maintain the same level of participation in 2023. Among them, Russia, Laos, and Malaysia made a notable entrance in 2022 but lost their positions in 2023.


This global snapshot of Web3 game interest highlights the diversity in how this revolutionary trend is being embraced across different regions. However, one fact remains evident: Web3 games will persist and continually shape the future of the gaming industry in various countries.

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