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CatchMint 翻译站点 是一款免费工具,可让您随时查看正在铸造的货币,但它的强大之处在于,您还可以查看谁在铸造货币。




Catchmint offers users a distinctive window into the realm of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) minting. It equips users to monitor ongoing minting activities, discern the participants behind the mints, and enables them to selectively view verified contract mints while filtering out airdrops.

Catchmint empowers users to access comprehensive insights, including the aggregate token supply and the individual wallets responsible for the mints. This tool holds significant value for NFT aficionados, facilitating their real-time engagement with the freshest mints and aiding in promptly identifying potential fraudulent endeavors.

  • Noteworthy Minting Entities: Catchmint provides visibility into mints initiated by prominent groups such as developers, influencers, and investors.
  • Mint Synopsis: Catchmint presents a holistic breakdown of each mint, encompassing the total supply, minting address, and maximum supply.
  • Live Mint Section: This dedicated section permits users to exclude airdrops from their view, focusing solely on contract-validated mints.
  • Mint Authenticity Check: Catchmint employs a crowd-sourced approach to validate the authenticity of mints.

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