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NFTScan:在以太坊、BNBChain、Polygon、Moonbeam、Arbitrum、Optimism 和 Solana 区块链上无缝探索 NFT。


What is NFTScan and its Central Offerings? -


Undoubtedly, NFT infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the NFT market's dynamics. An effective NFT infrastructure is centered around the comprehensive analysis of NFT data spanning the entire blockchain network. Its significance lies not only in furnishing users with an accessible means to retrieve NFT market insights anytime and anywhere, but also in furnishing developers within the NFT realm with extensive NFT data resources and NFT API services. This symbiotic relationship is integral for nurturing the growth of the NFT market. Amidst the multitude of NFT data providers in the current market, NFTScan emerges as a distinctive entity, with a unique focus on NFT data and an unwavering commitment to supporting the complete NFT data landscape across 15 blockchain networks. This exposition will provide a comprehensive overview of NFTScan's essence.

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What is NFTScan?

NFTScan stands as a proficient multi-chain NFT data infrastructure service provider. It currently extends its support to 15 blockchain networks, encompassing Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNBChain, Polygon, Solana, Arbitrum, Linea, Optimism, Aptos, with continuous additions of more. As of June 2023, NFTScan boasts an encompassment of 2.18 million NFT projects, 830 million NFT assets, 2.06 billion on-chain NFT records, NFT ownership details from 115 million wallet addresses, and a staggering 141 NFT marketplaces.

Through meticulous parsing and standardization of the complete on-chain NFT data, NFTScan has successfully erected the most extensive and comprehensive NFT asset repository. NFTScan remains dedicated to offering streamlined and efficient NFT asset retrieval services to millions of NFT enthusiasts, along with providing professional multi-chain NFT data API services to the dynamic community of Web3 developers and the next-generation fintech establishments.

By June 2023, NFTScan had cemented partnerships with more than 1,000 high-caliber Web3 projects. Esteemed names in this roster include CoinMarketCap, Binance NFT, Bybit, Kucoin, imToken, SafePal, Mask, HashKey, Enjin, Stepn, and many others. NFTScan continues to provide steadfast NFT comprehensive data services, nurturing the evolution of this burgeoning digital landscape.



Core Offerings

NFTScan boasts a trio of central offerings, comprising NFTScan Explorer, NFT Portfolio, and NFTScan Developer Platform.

1. NFTScan Explorer

NFTScan Explorer stands as a comprehensive exploration tool tailored for regular NFT users. Users can effortlessly retrieve and peruse NFT data as well as historical records associated with any wallet address using NFTScan Explorer.

NFTScan Explorer:

Furthermore, users can inquire about the contract address or name of any NFT Collection to access its fundamental particulars, intricate details of each NFT item, and a historical log of activities.

Moreover, NFTScan Explorer encompasses a Data Analysis segment. Here, users gain access to real-time on-chain data analysis and statistics pertinent to prominent NFT projects. This includes insights like Trading, Minting, Gas Tracker, NFT Ranking, NFT Marketplace, and NFT-FI sessions.



2. NFT Asset Management Platform

The NFT Asset Management Platform offers an EVM-based NFT asset data dashboard. Users have the capability to link their wallets to access and oversee their NFT assets' data and historical records across multiple chains, all conveniently consolidated within a single interface. Furthermore, users can stay informed about the real-time on-chain developments of NFT projects they are interested in. This encompasses insights such as contract addresses and wallet addresses of major stakeholders, enhancing the grasp of on-chain investment trends.

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3. NFTScan Developer Platform

The NFTScan Developer Platform stands as a cutting-edge web3 developer hub dedicated to multi-chain NFT data. At present, it furnishes comprehensive NFT data for 14 distinct blockchains, extending a robust suite of over 50 NFT APIs meticulously crafted to fulfill the diverse data requirements of web3 developers. An added advantage lies in the platform's provision of tailor-made API solutions, tailored to individual project specifications.

Discover NFTScan Developer Platform:

Explore NFTScan API Documentation:

As of June 2023, the NFTScan Developer Platform has garnered an impressive user base, boasting over 3,200 registered developers. The platform plays a pivotal role in powering more than 1,000 web3 projects with its NFT API data services, efficiently handling an impressive volume of over 5 billion requests. Prominent names in the blockchain arena, including industry giants like CoinMarketCap, Binance NFT, Bybit, Kucoin, imToken, SafePal, Mask, HashKey, Enjin, Stepn, and many more, entrust the NFT API data services of the NFTScan Developer Platform.

NFTScan's distinguishing strength lies in its laser-focused and professional approach, providing elevated standards of NFT data quality, prompt and effective technical support, and a pricing structure that remains accessible to all. In comparison to alternative NFT data service providers, NFTScan sets itself apart by delivering an unparalleled combination of precision, reliability, and affordability, catering to the diverse needs of the burgeoning web3 ecosystem.



Additional Offerings

Beyond the mentioned attributes, NFTScan offers an array of supplementary functionalities. These encompass NFT data analysis services, incorporating metrics like collection trading rankings, analysis of prominent collections, and evaluation of wallet portfolios.

Should you require larger datasets, a broader range of insights, or personalized information tailored to your specific needs, NFTScan extends the option for customized solutions. With the Enterprise Support pricing plan, you can access exclusive API services, bespoke data packages, and VIP technical support to cater to the unique requirements of your projects.


Regarding NFTScan

NFTScan stands as the global leader in NFT data infrastructure, encompassing a sophisticated NFT explorer and a dedicated NFT developer platform. It offers comprehensive NFT data coverage across 15 blockchains, which include Ethereum, Solana, BNBChain, Arbitrum, Optimism, and several other prominent networks. NFTScan provides developers across diverse blockchains with access to NFT APIs, ensuring seamless integration and utilization.