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Trusta Labs is an AI-based sybil detection product that matches on-chain assets with the correct users. TrustScan is a data and artificial intelligence based witch pre...


Trusta Labs is an AI-based sybil detection product that matches on-chain assets with the correct users. TrustScan is a data and artificial intelligence based witch prevention solution.

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What is TrustScan

TrustScan is a flagship product offered by Trusta Labs, leveraging the power of data and artificial intelligence to deliver comprehensive on-chain risk and reputation evaluation services for DID (Decentralized Identifier) subjects within the Web3 ecosystem.

While on-chain data is publicly accessible and transparent, it often lacks deeper insights into the overall and implicit characteristics of each DID subject, despite recording their on-chain behaviors such as wallet addresses.

The primary objective of TrustScan is to bridge this gap between raw on-chain data and the need for in-depth insights into the reputation of DID subjects. By utilizing AI technology as the engine and on-chain original data as input, TrustScan provides thorough analysis, evaluation, and certification services for the reputation of DID subjects in the Web3 world. These services cover various aspects, including sybil attack risk, fraud risk, identity value, credit score, and more.

TrustScan offers users multiple methods to access its services, including API integration, a user-friendly UI for single-address queries, and the capability for multi-address batch queries. By tapping into TrustScan's capabilities, users can gain valuable and actionable insights into the reputation and risk profile of DID subjects, enhancing their decision-making processes within the Web3 ecosystem.


Services of TrustScan

TrustScan offers a diverse range of services, leveraging on-chain open data, advanced AI technology, and Web3 identity analysis to provide comprehensive and trustworthy evaluations.

1. Intelligent Risk Detection:
- Sybil Risk Score: TrustScan's AI-driven system evaluates and assigns Sybil risk scores to identify potential fraudulent accounts and activities.
- Anti-Sybil One-Stop Platform: TrustScan provides a robust platform to counter Sybil attacks, safeguarding against deceptive and malicious behavior.
- Fraud Risk Identification: Using cutting-edge technology, TrustScan detects and flags potential fraud risks, ensuring a secure environment for users.

2. Intelligent Reputation Evaluation:
- Identity Value Evaluation: TrustScan conducts in-depth characterizations and assessments of Web3 identities to determine their value and authenticity.
- On-chain Reputation Evaluation: Leveraging on-chain data, TrustScan offers reliable reputation evaluations, aiding users in making informed decisions.
- Intelligent Marketing Platform: TrustScan's platform facilitates intelligent marketing strategies based on reputation evaluations, ensuring effective and targeted outreach.

3. Intelligent Credit Score:
- On-chain Credit Score: TrustScan's AI algorithms generate on-chain credit scores, providing valuable insights into the creditworthiness and reliability of individuals and entities within the Web3 ecosystem.

TrustScan's long-term vision involves offering multi-level and diverse services, powered by reliable AI technology and robust Web3 identity characterization and evaluation capabilities. These services aim to establish a secure and trustworthy environment for participants in the blockchain space, enabling them to make informed decisions and build stronger connections with confidence.


Core Technology

In the Web3 and blockchain space, an abundance of public data, ranging from wallet addresses to asset transfers and smart contract interactions, presents a vast opportunity for valuable insights. However, efficiently processing and extracting meaningful information from this massive and intricate data, and integrating it into higher-level decentralized applications as new production factors, poses a significant challenge.

At Trusta Labs, we leverage the power of trustworthy AI as our core technology to address this challenge effectively. Through robust AI algorithms, we can analyze, mine, and predict valuable results from the vast and complex original data, culminating in a series of services within our TrustScan product matrix.

The key components of trustworthy AI at TrustScan encompass:

  1. Semi-Supervised Machine Learning: Our AI employs semi-supervised machine learning techniques to leverage both labeled and unlabeled data, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of data analysis.
  2. Graph Neural Network (GNN): GNN is utilized to process and extract insights from graph-structured data, making it particularly suited for analyzing the interconnected nature of blockchain data.
  3. Recurrent Neural Network (RNN): RNN is employed to capture sequential patterns and dependencies within the data, enabling us to gain a deeper understanding of temporal aspects in blockchain interactions.
  4. Multi-Chain Scale Knowledge Graph: Our AI constructs a comprehensive knowledge graph that spans multiple blockchain networks, facilitating cross-chain analysis and insights.
  5. Zero Knowledge Proof: TrustScan employs zero-knowledge proof technology to enhance data privacy and security, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected during analysis.

By combining these cutting-edge AI technologies, Trusta Labs can effectively navigate the intricacies of Web3 data, extract valuable information, and deliver meaningful insights to empower decentralized applications. With TrustScan as our flagship product, we provide a robust and secure platform for unlocking the potential of blockchain data, ushering in a new era of decentralized innovation.

Trusta Labs


Introducing TrustScan V1.0

TrustScan V1.0 marks the debut version of our revolutionary service. At its core, it introduces the innovative sybil risk score, a powerful tool that provides users with scores, detailed explanations, and factual insights for every wallet address, enabling them to assess the risk of sybil attacks effectively. This service is open to everyone, granting access to comprehensive sybil risk reports for any wallet address of interest. The Sybil risk score proves invaluable for Web3 projects, investors, and all users alike.

For project owners, TrustScan V1.0 offers invaluable assistance in understanding project users better, allowing for the identification of potential sybil attackers. Armed with this information, project owners can make well-informed decisions when conducting giveaways, airdrops, or promotions, enhancing the overall security and integrity of their initiatives.

Investment institutions stand to benefit greatly from TrustScan V1.0 as well. The sybil risk score empowers them to detect sybils or bots within a project, enabling an objective evaluation of the actual user situation. With this crucial data in hand, investment institutions can make informed and prudent decisions when considering potential investment opportunities.

TrustScan V1.0 is here to bring a new level of transparency and security to the Web3 ecosystem, empowering users, project owners, and investors alike. With our sybil risk score, you can confidently navigate the landscape, mitigate potential risks, and make the right decisions for the success and growth of your endeavors.

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