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Pocket Universe is a free browser extension that protects your NFT assets and warns you of potential scams when you sign web3 transactions.

Pocket Universe

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In the current landscape of blockchain technology, transparency has reached unparalleled levels, thanks to the public and immutable nature of all transactions. NFTs have emerged as one of the most prominent applications of blockchain, granting widespread access to data. Now, it is possible to track the wallet addresses of high-profile NFT traders, Twitter followers, friends, adversaries, and even family members.

However, engaging in buying and selling NFTs involves inherent risks. The space is rife with various scams and security threats that leave traders vulnerable and exposed. From counterfeit NFTs to phishing attacks and smart contracts designed to exploit unsuspecting users, the creativity of social engineering in the crypto world knows no bounds.

As a trader, it is essential to have peace of mind and the ability to confidently mint, stake, and swap assets without worrying about falling victim to scams. The volatile nature of the Web3 space, influenced by socio-economic factors like market sentiment, technology adoption, inflation, unemployment, and currency valuation, underscores the need for robust security measures.

Similar to the layers of security we apply in our personal and professional lives, from strong passwords and password managers to auto-locking our devices and utilizing biometric and two-factor authentication, our interactions in the Web3 realm also require safeguarding.

Traders have adopted several common approaches that are widely shared within the community to enhance security:

  1. Utilizing Multiple Wallets: Traders often employ multiple wallets, including "burner wallets" akin to having a disposable phone for added anonymity and protection.
  2. Employing "Revoke Cash": This approach is adopted when a trader suspects a compromise has occurred, allowing them to take precautionary measures.
  3. Staying Informed: Keeping abreast of red-flagged projects, using tools such as "Rug Pull Finder," helps traders avoid potential scams and risky ventures.

By implementing these measures and fostering a culture of vigilance, traders aim to navigate the Web3 space confidently and mitigate the risks associated with engaging in NFT transactions and other crypto activities.

Pocket Universe


Secure Your Crypto and NFTs with Pocket Universe

Regardless of whether you've taken any security measures so far or not, your commitment to ensuring your safety can be further strengthened by using Pocket Universe. This free browser extension, available on Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Firefox, acts as a shield against malicious transactions by thoroughly checking and simulating various scenarios like minting an NFT, buying an NFT from the secondary market, staking, and swapping. Before you finalize any transaction, Pocket Universe ensures that you've reviewed and approved it, similar to how spell check works in a word processor or email, providing an added layer of protection to your digital assets.

Pocket Universe

Since August 2022, Pocket Universe has safeguarded over 5.5K individuals, performing real-time simulations of every ETH transaction, while continually innovating and adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of scams, including honeypots. Collaborating with various NFT projects and communities, Pocket Universe expands its coverage and spreads awareness about safe trading practices. It verifies the contracts of founders and builders within these communities, reducing the risk of engaging with fake contracts during minting or staking.

For those who believe in insurance, Pocket Universe offers "Pocket Protect," a utility token that compensates users with $USDC in the event of asset loss due to transaction-based scams. You can acquire this token on Opensea.

Scams continue to surface regularly, like unwanted weeds on a beautiful lawn. In response, Pocket Universe equips its users with "Pocket Universe Scam Detection Docs," providing comprehensive information on the threats they are protected against, including counterfeit crypto, fake Opensea collections, wallet drainers, gasless transactions, fake or hacked websites, and honeypot scams, such as NFTs that cannot be sold.

The Web3 world can be intimidating, especially if you're not familiar with potential risks. Pocket Universe empowers you to become a better and safer trader, preventing the loss of your hard-earned money and cherished NFTs. No one wants to tell their friends they lost everything due to impulsive decisions like FOMO-ing into a collection of ape derivatives or a hyped free mint. With Pocket Universe, you can confidently navigate the Web3 space and safeguard your valuable digital assets.

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