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Securify is a security scanner for Ethereum smart contracts, backed by the Ethereum Foundation and ChainSecurity. Securify's analysis consists of two steps...


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Permissionless blockchains have unlocked the capability of executing arbitrary programs known as smart contracts, enabling interactions among mutually distrusting entities without the need for trusted third parties. However, the recurring security concerns surrounding smart contracts handling substantial financial transactions have eroded trust in their reliability.

Addressing this crucial issue, the introduction of Securify, a cutting-edge security analyzer tailored for Ethereum smart contracts, has been a game-changer. This tool is designed to be scalable, fully automated, and proficient in demonstrating the safety or unsafety of a contract's behavior concerning specific properties.

Securify's analysis follows a two-step approach. In the first step, it performs a symbolic analysis of the contract's dependency graph, extracting precise semantic information from the code. This process involves identifying compliance and violation patterns, capturing enough conditions to establish the veracity of the given property.

To ensure adaptability and extensibility, all schemas are meticulously specified in a domain-specific language, which enhances the tool's versatility and usability.

Securify is readily accessible to the public and has garnered significant attention. With over 18,000 contracts analyzed, and submitted by users from diverse backgrounds, the tool has emerged as a go-to option for security audits conducted by experts in the field.

Extensive evaluations of Securify on real-world Ethereum smart contracts have demonstrated its efficacy in effectively proving the correctness of smart contracts and identifying critical violations. This newfound level of confidence in the security analysis has the potential to bolster trust in smart contracts and pave the way for their broader adoption in handling substantial financial transactions on permissionless blockchains.

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