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Dework is a web3 native project management platform with token payment, certification, and bounty functions, allowing you to activate your community through bounties a...


What is Dework? -

Dework is a web3-native project management platform allowing you to activate your community through bounties and tasks. Reward contributors with any on-chain token directly through Dework. Great for all web3 organizations and DAOs.
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How does Dework all work?


Dework Homepage

Upon accessing the Dework website, you'll immediately notice three main sections: the 'Popular Projects' tab, the 'Open Bounties' tab, and a 'Connect' button located on the top right corner of the page. Clicking on the 'Connect' button opens up a list of integrated wallets, providing you with options to receive payments for the tasks you've been assigned and successfully completed. Additionally, you'll find options to connect your Discord and Github accounts seamlessly. As of now, the integrated wallets available on the platform include Hiro Wallet and Metamask.


Once you connect a wallet you’re led to an on-boarding page where you watch a demo video to learn about the site before setting up your first DAO or setting up your personal profile. From this point you can begin exploring the different projects and bounties for the ones you have the skills and capability to work for or with.


Welcome Page on Dework


Bounties Page

Based on my initial assessment, this web application appears to be user-friendly and straightforward, making navigation a breeze. DAOs can greatly benefit from its efficient design, promoting a well-organized division of labor and robust task tracking mechanisms. The development team actively incorporates feedback from their community, regularly shipping updates to enhance the platform. The team's responsiveness to queries is impressive, and they have established their own DAO within the application, encouraging active participation from users to collaboratively build Dework.

As a relatively new platform, the number of available jobs may be limited, but the existing opportunities seem fairly priced. Both technical and non-technical job openings cater to a diverse audience, offering suitable options for various skill sets. A unique aspect of this platform is its ability to remunerate users with different tokens based on the tasks completed, adding flexibility and diversity to the payment options.

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