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What is Chainstack

Chainstack is a platform that supports businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, in building, operating, and scaling blockchain applications. It provides everything needed for deploying, managing, and expanding blockchain solutions, from experimental environments to production-ready systems. With its multi-chain design, Chainstack offers a unified access point for all blockchain projects across various protocols. The platform also offers a wealth of information, tools, and tutorials to facilitate quick startup and seamless operations. Join Chainstack and unlock the full potential of blockchain technology.

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Chainstack: Founders and Board of Directors

Chainstack was founded by Laurent Dedenis and Eugene Aseev in 2018. Laurent Dedenis, a seasoned technology executive with extensive experience in the cloud and blockchain sectors, serves as the CEO of Chainstack. He brings a wealth of knowledge in driving business growth and leading innovative initiatives.

Eugene Aseev, the CTO of Chainstack, is a highly skilled software engineer and blockchain expert. With a strong background in developing and implementing blockchain solutions, Aseev plays a crucial role in overseeing the technical aspects of the platform.

The Board of Directors at Chainstack comprises a diverse group of industry leaders and experts. These individuals bring a wealth of experience and strategic guidance to the company. While the specific members of the board may evolve over time, they typically include professionals with deep expertise in technology, finance, and blockchain.

The Founders and Board of Directors of Chainstack work collaboratively to shape the company's strategic direction, drive innovation, and ensure the delivery of high-quality services to its customers. Their collective expertise and vision contribute to Chainstack's growth and success in the blockchain infrastructure industry.


Funding and Investors of Chainstack

Chainstack, a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service, has successfully raised significant funding to support its growth and development. To date, the company has secured over $10 million in funding from various investors, including prominent venture capital firms and strategic partners.

The funding rounds have enabled Chainstack to expand its operations and accelerate product innovation. With the backing of investors, the company has been able to enhance its platform and services, ensuring a robust and scalable infrastructure for blockchain applications. The investments have also facilitated strategic partnerships and collaborations with key players in the blockchain industry.

Furthermore, the strong financial support has enabled Chainstack to expand its global reach and customer base. The company has witnessed impressive growth, serving thousands of customers across different sectors, including DeFi, NFT, gaming, and analytics.

Overall, the substantial funding received by Chainstack highlights the confidence and belief in its vision and capabilities. It positions the company for continued success in delivering top-notch blockchain infrastructure services to meet the evolving needs of the industry.


The History of Chainstack


Chainstack is founded by Laurent Dedenis, Eugene Aseev, and Ivan Smirnov. They are passionate about blockchain technology and recognize the need for simplified blockchain development and deployment.

The team begins building the platform from scratch, combining their expertise in software development and blockchain.


Chainstack launches its first version of the platform, offering developers a user-friendly interface to manage and deploy blockchain networks.

The platform quickly gains attention in the developer community, attracting a wave of early adopters who appreciate its simplicity and functionality.

One of the early success stories involves a startup called BlockPay, which uses Chainstack to deploy their blockchain-based payment solution. The partnership with BlockPay brings recognition to Chainstack and sparks interest from other companies.


Chainstack experiences significant growth, with an increasing number of developers and enterprises adopting the platform.

The team listens closely to user feedback and continuously improves the platform based on their needs. They prioritize features like smart contract development tools, comprehensive analytics, and integrations with popular blockchain protocols.

Chainstack's commitment to customer satisfaction leads to success stories like Stellar Trade, a decentralized exchange built on the Stellar blockchain. By leveraging Chainstack's platform, Stellar Trade achieves high scalability and secure transactions, attracting a large user base.


Chainstack launches Chainstack Enterprise, a tailored offering for large-scale enterprise blockchain deployments. This move enables them to cater to the needs of big corporations and gain traction in the enterprise market.

The platform expands its integration capabilities, adding support for protocols like Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and Corda. This versatility attracts developers from different blockchain ecosystems, strengthening Chainstack's position as a leading blockchain orchestration platform.

One notable success story is TokenFarm, a decentralized finance (DeFi) project built on Chainstack. TokenFarm revolutionizes the farming experience by offering unique incentives and rewards, thanks to the seamless integration capabilities provided by Chainstack.


Chainstack continues to innovate and introduce advanced developer tools, including an intuitive smart contract editor and a robust testing framework.

The platform gains recognition for its commitment to security and compliance. Its strong security measures and data privacy features attract regulated businesses and financial institutions.

Chainstack collaborates with leading universities and blockchain research organizations to foster innovation and talent development. They sponsor hackathons and provide educational resources to empower the next generation of blockchain developers.


Chainstack becomes a go-to platform for blockchain development, with an active community of developers and a wide range of supported protocols.

The platform's success stories include projects like Green Energy Chain, a blockchain-based solution for transparent and sustainable energy trading. Green Energy Chain utilizes Chainstack's capabilities to ensure accurate tracking of renewable energy sources, promoting a greener future.

Chainstack partners with major cloud providers to offer seamless integration with their infrastructure services, further expanding the platform's reach and accessibility.

Chainstack hosts its first annual developer conference, bringing together blockchain enthusiasts from around the world to share knowledge, showcase innovative projects, and discuss the future of blockchain technology.

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