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Zapper is the next-generation Web3 app that allows crypto-asset owners to manage their crypto, NFTs, and DeFi assets from one convenient interface. With Zapper, users can reduce the time and cost associated with managing scattered crypto assets while gaining insights into the best return on investment opportunities.

Having been involved in the cryptosphere for some time, I hold various crypto assets across different blockchain networks. While all-purpose cryptocurrency wallets enable me to consolidate my holdings in one place, I recognized the need for a dedicated portfolio management app.

Researching different assets on crypto exchanges on a daily basis can be a challenging task. However, during my web search, I came across the Zapper app, which seemed to magically address my needs and provide a comprehensive solution for managing my diverse crypto portfolio.

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What Is the Zapper App?

Zapper is a cloud-based Web3 app that provides a secure and user-friendly interface for managing over 3000 crypto and NFT coins. Similar to stock trading apps, it offers real-time prices, portfolio analysis, market news, and more. The app benefits both crypto investors and DeFi developers by facilitating easy investor attraction for DeFi projects.


Not a Crypto Wallet, but an Asset Aggregator

While Zapper is not a cryptocurrency wallet itself, it serves as an aggregator for cryptocurrency, NFT, and DeFi assets. To use Zapper, you first need to create a non-custodial wallet on platforms like Ledger, Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, and others. Once you have a crypto wallet, you can link it to the Zapper app to monitor the growth of your assets through a simple dashboard. If you have multiple wallets, you can link them all as long as they are supported by Zapper.

Performing Transactions with Zapper Although Zapper is not a crypto wallet, it enables certain transactions on its platform using your non-custodial wallets. For example, Zapper is ideal for bridging, token exchanges, yield farming, liquidity pool participation, and earning interest from your assets. It provides a convenient toolset for various DeFi activities while leveraging the security and control of your non-custodial wallets.


Zapper Tutorial

In this video, we show you how to use the various featuers and tools inside of Zapper for DeFi and NFTs.


The Versatility of Zapper

Zapper offers a range of benefits to both DeFi investors and app developers. As a cryptocurrency or NFT collector, you can easily track and monitor the pricing and transactions of your assets across multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Bitcoin, Celo, Fantom, Gnosis Chain, Harmony One, Moonriver, Optimism, and Polygon.

For DeFi developers, Zapper provides powerful APIs such as Data Endpoints and Transaction Endpoints. These APIs enable developers to access liquidity data, DeFi data, complex DeFi protocol balances, and pricing information from various Automated Market Makers (AMMs).

In summary, Zapper serves as an advanced DeFi development tool that facilitates seamless experiences for users of all levels of expertise in crypto assets. The user-friendly Zapper app features a clean and intuitive dashboard with visual components such as Deposits, Wallet, Yield Farming, Liquidity Pools, Debts, Investments, and DeFi platforms. By regularly using the app, you can gain a deeper understanding of crypto assets, NFTs, and DeFi protocols, and develop informed investment strategies.

Additionally, Zapper allows you to explore the crypto-asset investments of friends, peers, celebrities, and other notable individuals. By entering a valid ENS domain, Bitcoin address, or Ethereum address, you can view the crypto assets within that specific wallet. However, please note that simply viewing a wallet address does not grant you the ability to perform transactions.


Zapper App Features

Zapper Swap

The App offers you three different display features: Portfolio View, NFT View, and History View

Zapper app is an essential addition to your crypto technology stack, offering convenient and intelligent investment capabilities. One of its standout features is the ability to visualize your assets through three different display options: Portfolio View, NFT View, and History View.

The Portfolio View provides an overview of all your investments, categorizing assets based on DeFi protocols and investment positions. You can easily track Claimable assets, Deposits, Debt, Wallet balances, Networks, and Protocols.

The NFT View showcases your complete NFT collection, allowing you to explore the details of each specific NFT. It offers a comprehensive and organized view of your non-fungible tokens.

The History View presents a chronological record of all your transactions, including credits and debits. It supports various blockchain networks and provides a comprehensive transaction history.

Additionally, the Zapper app offers a range of convenient transaction features, including:

  1. Exchange Functionality: Easily exchange ETH for BTC or other crypto token pairs directly from the app's dashboard. Zapper automatically handles parameters such as blockchain fees, exchange rates, and routing.
  2. Bridging Capability: Seamlessly move funds between different blockchains without complications. Zapper supports popular blockchains commonly used in DeFi exchanges.
  3. Social Connectivity: Follow other wallets of interest to stay updated on Web 3.0 investment trends and successful investment strategies adopted by experienced crypto asset owners.

By leveraging these powerful features, Zapper empowers you to make informed investment decisions and maximize your crypto assets with ease.


Zapper's Fee Structure

Zapper offers most of its features free of charge, allowing users to track crypto-assets and perform token exchanges without any fees or brokerages. Bridging between different blockchain networks using Zapper is also completely free.

However, Zapper does charge fees for certain actions such as Zaps, which involve combining multiple exchanges and transactions into one smart contract to provide liquidity across various DeFi protocols. When you enter a DeFi protocol, it is referred to as a Zap-in, and when you exit the position, it is called a Zap-out.

By utilizing Zaps, users can reduce NFT gas fees, save time, and avoid the complexity of multiple transactions in different DeFi apps. For these services, Zapper charges a fee of 0.4% of the transaction amount. The same flat fee applies when depositing or withdrawing crypto-assets through the Zapper Save feature, which allows users to earn interest by staking their crypto.


How to Use Zapper

Zapper Swap

Visit the Zapper website and click on Connect Wallet

Interested in trying out the Zapper app? Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Make sure you have a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet account in popular wallet apps like Coinbase Wallet, Metamask, WalletConnect, or others.
  2. Visit the Zapper website and click on "Connect Wallet."
  3. If you only want to check out the dashboard without linking a wallet, you can click on "Enter Address." This allows you to visualize the assets of any valid wallet address and learn about the industry before investing.
  4. To link a wallet, Zapper will display a list of supported wallets. Choose one and enter your wallet credentials to log in.
  5. Once your wallets are connected, you can view all your assets in the Zapper dashboard.
  6. Navigate to the "Invest" section and select the pool you prefer. Click on "Add Liquidity" if you want to add liquidity to the pool.
  7. In the user interface, you can set the Ethereum gas fees and slippage tolerance. Slippage tolerance represents the difference between the actual transaction value and the price at the time of confirmation when swapping on an automated market maker exchange.
  8. Set the quantity you want to swap. You only need to have some ETH as a balance in your wallet; there's no need to convert ETH to another coin for pairing. Zapper's backend will handle the conversion based on the DeFi liquidity protocol you select.
  9. Click "Confirm" to finalize your liquidity pool transaction.

Please note: The steps provided are for informational purposes and should be performed with caution. It's always recommended to do thorough research and understand the risks associated with DeFi transactions before proceeding.


NFT Collections Page

Zapper Swap

When you view an NFT collection on the Collections Page, you get most of the NFT data that you can get from CoinMarketCap or OpenSea

Zapper has recently introduced an upgraded system that enhances the NFT tracking capabilities of its dashboard. One of the notable additions is the Collection Page, which provides users with a comprehensive overview of their NFT holdings and the parent collections associated with them.

With the Collection Page, users gain access to detailed information about their NFT collections that is similar to what you would find on platforms like CoinMarketCap or OpenSea. This includes valuable insights such as the total number of NFT owners, the current floor price, the 24-hour trading volume, a summary of the NFT, the number of pieces owned, net worth, and more.

By utilizing the Collection Page feature on Zapper, users can easily monitor and analyze their NFT portfolio, empowering them to make informed decisions about their NFT investments. It provides a convenient and comprehensive tool for tracking and managing NFTs within the Zapper app.


Final Thoughts on Zapper and Crypto

Having gained a comprehensive understanding of the Zapper app, you are now well-equipped to venture into the world of DeFi and crypto. Whether you decide to explore yield farming, liquidity pools, or crypto staking, Zapper provides a user-friendly solution for diversifying your crypto holdings and maximizing your gains. With Zapper, you can manage your assets across different DeFi platforms without the hassle of tracking individual assets.

In addition to Zapper, another essential Web3 app worth exploring is WalletConnect, particularly for NFT buyers. Familiarizing yourself with WalletConnect will enhance your experience and enable seamless connectivity to various NFT platforms.

As the crypto industry continues to evolve, the availability of innovative apps like Zapper and WalletConnect empowers investors and contributes to the growing adoption of blockchain technology.

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