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Blockchain ecosystem analytics by and for the community. With Dune, data can be shared and explored from Ethereum, xDai, and Polygon...


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Dune Analytics is a powerful data analytics platform within the blockchain space, known for its exceptional capabilities and user-friendly interface. With over 30,000 active users and more than 1 million queries executed monthly, Dune Analytics has emerged as a leading provider of decentralized data analysis in the blockchain industry.

Dune Analytics

The Feature of Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics enables users to explore, query, and visualize on-chain data from various blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, BSC, Solana Chain, and others.
The unique feature of Dune Analytics lies in users can utilize the already-made dashboards to display all kinds of different analytics regarding Defi projects, dApps, and NFTs. If users want a specific analytics dashboard for a certain Web3 project, they can also create and customize their own.
By leveraging it, users can gain valuable insights into transaction volumes, user behaviors, smart contract interactions, and much more, facilitating data-driven decision-making and enhancing their understanding of the blockchain ecosystem.
With its robust functionality and extensive library of pre-built queries, Dune Analytics empowers developers, researchers, and analysts to extract meaningful and actionable information from blockchain data, ultimately driving innovation and advancing the adoption of decentralized technologies.

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Dune Analytics

How to use Dune Analytics?

To use Dune Analytics, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Dune Analytics website ( and create an account.
  2. Once logged in, you will have access to a wide range of pre-built dashboards and queries.
  3. Explore the available dashboards to gain insights into various blockchain networks, DeFi projects, dApps, and NFTs. These dashboards are already set up with analytics and visualizations.
  4. If you want to create your own custom analytics dashboard, you can do so by selecting the "Create" option and specifying the data sources, tables, and queries you want to include.
  5. Utilize the query editor to write SQL queries or use the drag-and-drop interface to build queries visually.
  6. Run the queries to extract specific data and analyze it based on your requirements.
  7. Visualize the results by creating charts, graphs, and other visual representations to better understand the data.
  8. Save and share your dashboards and queries with others in the Dune Analytics community.
  9. Continuously explore and refine your analytics by modifying queries, creating new visualizations, and staying updated with the latest data from blockchain networks.

The History of Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics was created by Fredrik Haga and Mats Olsen from Oslo, Norway in March 2019.

Fredrik Haga has a background in economics and a passion for hip-hop and freestyle skiing. Mats Olsen has a focus on software engineering and data science.

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  1. Prior to Dune Analytics, the founders worked together at a Norwegian media company where they built smart contracts.
  2. They decided to leave the company and started Dune Analytics after realizing they couldn't fully focus on cryptocurrency there.
  3. In the beginning, Dune Analytics researched Ethereum data and had only a few paying customers for several months.
  4. Binance invited Dune Analytics to join their accelerator program, providing a boost in funding and support.
  5. In August 2020, Dune Analytics successfully raised a $2 million seed round.
  6. Gained popularity during the "DeFi summer" and became favored among those experimenting with financial protocols.
  7. The company counts top crypto companies and protocols like Argent, Uniswap, Compound, Messari, and ConsenSys among its customers.
  8. With its $69 million Series B funding, Dune plans to continue developing and empowering the next generation of on-chain analysts.
Dune Analytics

The Future of Dune Analytics

The future of Dune Analytics looks promising as the platform continues to evolve and expand. With its significant funding and growing customer base, Dune Analytics is well-positioned to solidify its position as a leading on-chain analytics provider.

Moving forward, Dune Analytics aims to further enhance its platform by introducing new features and tools that empower users to derive even more valuable insights from blockchain data. The company also plans to focus on educating and supporting the next generation of on-chain analysts, fostering a community of data-driven professionals who can contribute to the growth and innovation of the blockchain ecosystem.

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