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Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that combines on-chain data with a large and continuously growing database containing millions of wallet labels.


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This is a living document that delves into every aspect of our smart money and occasionally reveals one or two alpha leaks.

Introducing Smart Money

In the unregulated world of cryptocurrencies, there are 101 ways to gain an advantage. This can be achieved through working in the field and networking with the right people, joining the right Telegram alpha groups, or simply exploring the blockchain and seeking opportunities on the forefront of exchange listings.

However, one thing is certain – the blockchain never lies. In our quest to uncover signals with Nansen, we have focused on analyzing Smart Money – those addresses that exhibit intelligent evidence on-chain. Therefore, this will serve as a living document that covers various aspects of our Smart Money labels.

In the upcoming sections, we will introduce some of our existing Smart Money labels, provide definitions for them, and offer suggestions on how to leverage them.

First Mover LP & Nail

First Mover LP - These are the top 200 addresses ranked by the amount of funds they have in a certain size liquidity pool. They are the first addresses to enter the pool (top 100 addresses).

First Mover Bets - These are the top 200 addresses ranked by the amount of bets they have in a certain size betting pool. They are the first addresses to enter the pool (top 100 addresses).

These typically capture addresses that fall into both buckets.

The Sleepless Apes, always lurking on Twitter and Discord, ready to ape into the next betting pool. Project supporters (such as investors and whale friends) looking to boost seed liquidity and help the project gain traction.

"There are three ways to make a living: be the first, be smarter, or cheat" - Here, we aim to be the first.

One way to dive deeper is to look at our Smart Money dashboard and filter for First Mover LP and Bets to get a list of active addresses within the past 24 hours. Then, use the Wallet Analyzer to research these addresses and generate smart alerts for addresses active in your timezone.

Nansen Analytics
Source: Nansen’s Smart Money Dashboard (Filtered for First Mover Staking & LP)
Nansen Analytics
Source: Nansen’s Wallet Profiler for a First Mover LP

Fund & Private Sale Investors

Funds - Public entities that invest in and manage cryptocurrency funds.

Private Sale Investors - Addresses that have received at least $100,000 from investor distribution addresses, involving a significant amount of different tokens.

The difference between the two lies in the identification. In the case of funds, it means that we have identified the entity behind the wallet. On the other hand, Private Sale Investors (PSIs) refer to addresses that show on-chain evidence of investor behavior. The scope here is broader and includes advisors, angels, and entities that may not be funds but work on an allocation basis (e.g., media companies, consulting firms).

In addition to simply copying the transactions of these addresses, it is useful to understand their current investment portfolios, their allocation details, and the protocols they use.

A more sophisticated mining approach is to track the flow of inflows and outflows. Here is a brief case study.

  • A strategic funding deal between Muse DAO and Defiance Capital could have been spotted on-chain before the announcement if one was observing tokens inflows to Defiance Capital addresses.
Nansen Analytics
Source: Nansen’s State of The Crypto Industry Report 2021

Smart & Smarter LP

mart LPs - Addresses that have earned over $100,000 by being liquidity providers and liquidity miners on platforms like Uniswap or Sushiswap. Profit calculations do not include impermanent losses.

Smart LPs - Rank in the top 1% of liquidity providers and liquidity miners in terms of profit and return on investment on any Uniswap V2-type DEX. Profit calculations include impermanent losses.

These addresses are fortunate not to be dumb and clueless. Similar to First Mover LPs, these labels are focused on providing liquidity. However, the key difference is that here we measure based on realized profits rather than speed.

As you may know, impermanent loss is often touted as the "silent killer" of DeFi. One needs to outperform the curve to overcome impermanent losses, hence the presence of this label. In addition to examining LP provisions that execute similarly, these addresses are likely to be sophisticated crypto natives worth exploring what else they are doing to gain an advantage.

Airdrop Pro Version

Addresses that have received a significant amount of tokens in multiple airdrops (the value of the airdrop is based on the average over the first 30 days of distribution).

Here, we take a look at addresses that have received a large number of airdrops. Addresses with this label usually fall into two categories - either they are recipients of random airdrops or they interact with carefully curated protocol lists. It is the latter category of addresses that you should pay attention to.

You will have to dig deeper and examine the transaction history of these addresses, then filter out a few that warrant attention. Here are some examples of well-known projects with a considerable number of interactions:

We have no knowledge of the airdrop potential of these examples or any comments on the quality of the protocols themselves. Consider the above list as simple examples to kickstart your exploration journey.

Smart NFT Traders

Addresses ranked in the top 100 based on their profits from NFT sales, both in terms of the top 100 addresses overall and the top 100 addresses based on our internal trader scoring criteria.

As the term suggests, these are addresses skilled in trading NFTs. Whether it's flipping an NFT from 0.1 ETH to 1 ETH or from 30 ETH to 60 ETH, we rank traders based on their realized profits from each NFT transaction, including both absolute and relative profits. Additionally, we only consider traders who have flipped a certain number of collectibles to avoid one-hit wonders (e.g., traders who succeeded with just one collectible).

Naturally, this would be a type of address to replicate trades from. You can take a look at our NFT Paradise Profit Leaderboard dashboard to find examples of such addresses to keep an eye on.

Nansen Analytics
Source: Nansen’s NFT Paradise Profit Leaderboard Dashboard

Smart NFT Hodlers

Addresses ranked in the top 100 based on their estimated profits from their current NFT portfolios, both in terms of the top 100 addresses overall and the top 100 addresses based on our internal hodler scoring criteria.

Here, we look at unrealized profits. How many addresses are sitting on a ton of paper profits but still diamond-handing their NFTs? The focus of this section is on addresses that have yet to sell their NFTs.

A good starting point is to check our Smart Money Tags on NFT Paradise and see the recent transactions from smart money addresses to see what they're up to. You can even filter specifically for the Smart NFT Hodler tag and the activity type you're interested in (e.g., purchases, sales, minting) to get a better view. If you see a few Smart NFT Hodlers selling a particular collectible, that could be a potential "exit" signal, and vice versa.

Nansen Analytics
Source: Nansen's NFT Paradise Smart Money Dashboard

Smart NFT Early Adopters

The top 100 addresses that invested in selected blue-chip projects before a specified date and still hold the project's NFTs.

Many blue-chip projects often have an "alpha" channel or a token-gated conversation. Observing wallets can help us tell what this group is up to. Nielsen's theme covers one way to find this "alpha group."

"But what if their apes are kept in a vault? Doesn't the tag become invalid?" - That might be true, but here, some effort may be required. Usually, there is a "connection" between the trader's hot wallet and cold wallet. People can look at the counterparty table on wallet analyzers to find some clues.

Example of a counterparty table for vault wallets.

Nansen Analytics

Smart NFT Minters

The top 100 addresses that have minted multiple collections in the past 60 days and achieved a profit of at least ≥5x.

Minting can be challenging, especially with the recent explosion of NFT projects. How do you identify interesting minters? Tracking these addresses can be one way to uncover intriguing minting activity.

A quick smart tip.

Instead of just typing the address, prepend "from:" before the address to make it "from:0x...." to filter transactions initiated by that address. This significantly reduces the number of scam tokens appearing (e.g., if an address randomly receives tokens) and reduces noise.

Nansen Analytics


Knowing who is behind the transactions and understanding what is happening on-chain is crucial for making actionable decisions. By leveraging our labels, you can make wiser investment choices and stay alert to opportunities as they arise on-chain. We will continue to add more commentary and insights for additional labels in the future. Keep an eye on this page and keep exploring.

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