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Trait Sniper (TS) is an NFT trading platform with over 2 million active users. Allows users to 'snipe' the most wanted NFTs in a collection.


What is Trait Sniper? -

Trait Sniper

One of the most popular tools beginners-advance enthusiasts use is TraitSniper. This tool enables NFT holders to identify the rank of the NFT they hold in a collection.

The TraitSniper tool can analyze every NFT to rate its rarity. The latter also offers real-time alerts for brand-new collections, together with their rarity scores. It permits looking at new projects that are underpriced. A useful Discord channel is available for users. A new development is instantly recognized. With the bot keeping you updated on every revelation, you won't miss a thing.

Traitsniper is a very thorough website that provides the most recent details about current and prospective NFT collections.

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Trait Sniper

A breakthrough is immediately recognized. You won't miss anything with the bot alerts on every disclosure. In 30 seconds, every collection receives a complete rarity ranking. You can browse NFTs however you choose thanks to filters made by snipers. Finding and sorting NFTs by quality, value, or rank is simple thanks to an intuitive design. Sharing your NFT with others is simple with a link.

This extension tool on Chrome is free and trusted over 30,000 users. Users would be able to quickly arbitrage in NFT flipping and able to customize gas fees to make sure they get the priority before minting.

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