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Nifty Ink is a platform for converting digital drawings into limited edition NFTs and bridged to Ethereum.


Nifty Ink - Art in the Digital Field -

Nifty Ink is a scaffolding for creating a scalable NFT platform, combining things like Meta Transactions, Burner Wallets, Sidechains, Bridges, and more to create a Web 2.0-like experience.

It draws through some quick-response components and immediately creates a work of "art" on IPFS, which is then tokenized.

When a user accesses Nifty Ink, an instant wallet will be automatically generated, and Burner Wallets can be used to sign meta transactions.

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Nifty Ink

And the product uses GSN to create and sell its artwork, recording each brushstroke, and signing the work by the artist, and then storing it in IPFS. Therefore, it is distributed peer-to-peer and has encryption support.

The team created a minimum viable market on xDAI, allowing users to buy and sell art for as little as 1 cent, with most operations based on signatures.

A chain with a lower value has a weaker security model than Ethereum, but will be compatible with EVM, so it is very suitable for learning and exploring with a small amount of assets.

Nifty Ink is an approachable blockchain product. An online NFT creation platform, you can create your NFT paintings without Gas fees.

Nifty Ink

Ethereum developer Austin Griffith announced the launch of the alpha version of the NFT platform Nifty.Ink, allowing long-tail artists to tokenize their works on Ethereum without incurring high gas costs.

Nifty.Ink uses meta-transactions, sidechains, and xDAI bridging to bring a web2.0-like experience for artists to create NFTs on Ethereum.

Nifty.Ink integrates the ENS domain name system, and creators can use the ENS domain name to sign their works to ensure authenticity.



Creating Your Own NFT: A Quick Guide

1. Start by visiting the official Nifty Ink website. The site features an adorable design, and there might be a brief loading animation before it opens. Simply be patient during this process.

Once the site is open, you'll encounter a clean and straightforward layout, likely a blank grid space primed for your creativity.

2. The default brush color is black, but you can personalize it to your liking, adjusting the brush thickness as well.

From here, let your artistic journey commence on the canvas below. You also have the option to tweak canvas and border hues. Click the "Paintbrush" icon for a more detailed color selection.

Nifty Ink

3. With your color and brush settings sorted, let your creative impulses flow as you paint!

4. After crafting your masterpiece, assign a name in the "Name" field, breathing life into your creation.

Next, specify a value in the "Limit" field, representing the quantity of tradeable Tokens corresponding to your artwork.

For instance, selecting 1 means a single Token will be generated for your piece, rendering it unique with only one NFT. Opting for 2 would create two NFTs for the same artwork.

Finalize the "Limit" count, then hit "Ink!" – your inaugural NFT is now complete.

5. Post "Ink!" click, the content displayed below will emerge at the page's bottom. Click "Sell" to determine the pricing for your art. This step offers free pricing, unrestricted and open-ended.

6. After setting the price, click "Send" to dispatch your artwork to a cryptocurrency wallet address. (Upon testing, Ethereum and TRON wallets are functional; alternative wallets are also worth exploring).

Sending works to your own wallet incurs no transaction fee. Once successful, your wallet will confirm with a "Sending successful" notification.

However, while the piece has been sent to your address, it won't be visible within the wallet.

The Nifty Ink website's "Holding" column reflects your ownership of the artwork. This entire process, till now, takes place on Nifty Ink's native chain, incurring no handling fees.

Nifty Ink

8. To migrate your creation to the Ethereum network, opt for "Upgrade to Ethereum mainnet."

Here, a fee is applicable, as indicated on the website. Upon wallet linkage, you can pay the fee and initiate the upload to Ethereum.

For sales on platforms like OpenSea, handling fees apply, paid in xDAI Token.

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