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Hyperspace is the leading NFT marketplace aggregator for Solana and the number one marketplace for SUI. For all your NFT trading needs on the Solana blockchain.


What is Hyperspace and How to Use it? -


What is Hyperspace?

Hyperspace is a comprehensive platform tailored for the Solana blockchain's non-fungible token (NFT) market. It presents an array of tools and functionalities designed to enhance the NFT experience. Among its standout attributes are:

  1. Unified Marketplace: Hyperspace operates as a centralized hub, seamlessly integrating with external NFT marketplaces, aggregating their listings for users' convenience.
  2. Effortless Launchpad: With its Launchpad feature, Hyperspace democratizes NFT creation. Even without technical prowess, creators can confidently launch their NFT collections.
  3. In-Depth Analytics: Users gain access to analytics tools, enabling them to meticulously monitor and interpret NFT market trends, enhancing their decision-making process.
  4. NFT Project Insights: Hyperspace's forward-looking feature ensures users remain in the loop about emerging NFT projects set to debut on the Solana blockchain.

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How to Use Hyperspace?

NFT Rarities Unveiled

Unlock the value of your NFTs - Discover the rarity level of each NFT prior to trading.

On Hyperspace, the concept of rarity is illuminated through a meticulous calculation process. Each NFT's rarity is evaluated by assessing the uniqueness of its traits within the broader context of the collection it belongs to. This methodology was collaboratively developed alongside, fortified with additional measures to ensure precision. Notably, these rarities are structured algorithmically, aiming to furnish users with accessible insights while exploring NFTs on the platform. It's worth acknowledging that these rarities may differ from those stipulated by other rarity platforms or the creators of specific NFT collections.

To ascertain NFT rarities on Hyperspace:

  1. The frequency of NFTs bearing a specific trait is divided by the collection's total size.
  2. Each attribute (trait) carries an assigned score, aggregating these scores yields the overall rarity of each NFT within the collection.

Higher raw rarity scores correspond to significantly rarer NFTs. Yet, it's pivotal to recognize that alterations in a collection's composition do not impact the rarities of existing NFTs. This is attributed to the methodology's foundation in the initial collection size and makeup.


No Listing Fees and Minimal Trading Costs

At Hyperspace, sellers are subjected to a mere 1% fee when successfully vending an NFT. Moreover, the platform boasts a listing fee exemption, rendering it an economical and user-friendly avenue for NFT sales. The implementation of this modest fee framework aims to streamline the process of listing and transacting NFTs for sellers, while concurrently upholding the platform's ability to enhance and uphold its services to cater to the collective advantage of all users.


Using Hyperspace
Create a Solana Wallet

Venturing into the world of NFT trading via Hyperspace necessitates the establishment of a Solana wallet. Among the array of options at your disposal— PhantomGlowSolflareBackpack—our recommendation leans toward Phantom due to its user-friendly interface and swiftness. The process is straightforward: install the Chrome extension, generate a new wallet, and diligently safeguard your private key or seed phrase.

It's imperative to emphasize the significance of securing your keys diligently, as they safeguard access to your assets. Moreover, a certain amount of $SOL is requisite to initiate your journey. This can be conveniently acquired through Phantom's integrated on-ramp tool. Notably, $SOL is also indispensable for covering transaction fees accompanying each blockchain transaction.


Exploring NFTs on Hyperspace

Hyperspace takes the complexity out of discovering your desired NFTs. With a simple click on any collection, you unveil a world of possibilities. Tailor your exploration by applying filters aligned with your preferences, such as price range, rarity, or specific attributes. You're empowered to further streamline your search by sorting results based on price, last sale price, and other criteria. Moreover, pinpointing a specific NFT is effortless—simply input its number or name into the search bar.

Delving deeper into an NFT's essence is equally effortless. A click onto its dedicated page reveals a trove of information: its distinctive traits, sale price, current owner, token address, and the intriguing journey of bids and transactions. Unearth the factors that render this NFT rare and exceptional, and traverse its bidding history to glean insights into past valuations by fellow enthusiasts.


Purchasing NFTs

Once you've stumbled upon an NFT that resonates with you, the process of acquiring it is straightforward. All you need to do is seamlessly connect your wallet and hit the "Buy Now" button to initiate your purchase. Should your shopping spree require more browsing, you can opt to add your chosen item to your cart, allowing you to effortlessly finalize your acquisition at a later time.

Upon clicking the "Buy Now" button, your wallet will prompt you with a pop-up window, seeking confirmation for the transaction. A simple "confirm/approve" click is all that's needed to complete the process.

It's worth highlighting that procuring NFTs through the aggregator establishes a direct interaction with the smart contracts associated with each individual marketplace, including Hyperspace's proprietary platform.

It's important for users to note that the transaction will encompass no additional charges beyond those stipulated by the source marketplace (e.g., 2% on ME).


Selling Your NFTs via Hyperspace
Should you decide to part ways with an NFT from your collection, the process is as streamlined as ever. Begin by identifying the specific NFT you intend to sell within your profile. Subsequently, connect your wallet and access the corresponding item. Within this interface, you'll encounter the "sell" button, or you can delve into more comprehensive details and choose to sell directly from the NFT details page. Follow the intuitive on-screen instructions to establish your preferred selling price.


Making offers on Hyperspace
If there's an NFT that has captured your interest and you're considering acquiring it, you can seamlessly do so by following these uncomplicated steps. Begin by selecting the desired NFT and locating the "Make Offer" button. Subsequently, input the amount you're prepared to offer, and then proceed in accordance with the on-screen instructions to finalize the procedure. For your convenience, all active offers you've initiated can be easily accessed and reviewed from your account page. The option to make an offer provides a valuable opportunity to engage in price negotiations that align with the preferences of both you and the seller.



In Conclusion

Hyperspace stands as an all-encompassing and user-centric NFT aggregation platform entrenched within the Solana blockchain ecosystem. Boasting an array of user-friendly features and tools, the platform offers seamless convenience and efficiency, highlighted by its cart functionality and robust analytics capabilities. Amidst the landscape of NFT aggregation platforms, which includes counterparts like Coral Cube and Tiexo, Hyperspace emerges as a preeminent choice for a multitude of users.

With the NFT market's perpetual growth and evolution, the trajectory of Hyperspace and its competitors in terms of adaptation and innovation will undoubtedly pique interest. Fueled by its robust foundation and unwavering commitment to ongoing enhancements, Hyperspace is poised to maintain its prominent position as a leading NFT aggregation platform in the foreseeable future.

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