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Launched in September 2021, is an NFT data aggregator. Real-time data about NFTs can be collected and visualized.


What is NFTGO and How to Use it? -


NFTGo's Purpose and Functionality

NFTGo is designed with the core objective of serving as a "gateway to the NFT ecosystem." Its primary function is to enable users to easily engage with NFTs by facilitating their discovery, filtering, purchasing, and utilization. This vision prioritizes accessibility over mere price-centric data analysis, opting for a more comprehensive approach that encompasses the broader landscape.

In practical terms, NFTGo provides users with a comprehensive range of insightful metrics. This includes data on diverse aspects such as overall trading activity, market capitalization distribution, and significant transactions by major players. These metrics collectively offer users a panoramic and high-level view of the NFT market.

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What is NFTGo?

NFTGo is a comprehensive platform that aggregates, compiles, and presents real-time data pertaining to NFT assets. This data encompasses crucial aspects such as trading volume, floor prices, holder statistics, market sentiment, and much more. Through its services, NFTGo equips users with an in-depth comprehension of the prevailing trends within the NFT marketplace. It empowers users to enhance their NFT acquisition and investment decisions through informed data analysis.

Distinguishing itself from other platforms that charge for up-to-the-moment data access, NFTGo takes a principled stance. The platform explicitly states that it refrains from such practices, asserting that all data originating from Web3 users should remain freely accessible. As a result, all information featured on the NFTGo platform is contemporaneously available to all users, not just those who subscribe.

NFTGo presents users with an array of categories for seamless navigation. The 'analytics' section is divided into seven subsections, including top sales, top mints, and marketplace data. The 'whales' section provides insights into the actions of prominent figures within the NFT sphere – their acquisitions, sales, and minting activities. The 'research' segment offers informative blog posts that reflect the prevailing market state. Furthermore, the 'drops' category outlines the latest additions to the NFT market.

While other platforms concentrate on arming NFT buyers with the tools for swift acquisitions, NFTGo adopts a more informational and educational approach, catering to the preferences of the broader NFT community.


How Can I Get NFTGo?

To access NFTGo, visit their official website, It is essential to access the platform through this direct link or by manually entering the address, avoiding any potential links sourced from Google searches. An important distinction to bear in mind is that NFTGo is entirely independent from a similarly named app found in Apple's and Android's app stores, which has been flagged as a scam:

NFTGo stands firmly by its commitment to providing an open-access approach. The platform is entirely free, devoid of any premium membership models. All the data that NFTGo aggregates and presents is accessible without any cost to users. This philosophy is integral to NFTGo's principles and is not anticipated to undergo changes in the foreseeable future.


NFTGo's Insights Unveiled

NFTGo leverages a blockchain data aggregation engine to extract real-time on-chain transaction information from the blockchain, presenting it in a comprehensible format.

Here's a glimpse of the insights NFTGo offers:

Market macro analysis


Data is paramount. Especially in the NFT domain, data can determine whether an investment is a prospective blue-chip or an insignificant digital image. NFTGo empowers informed decisions by gathering and visually representing real-time data pertaining to NFT trading. This facilitates the extraction of insights crucial for prudent trading and investment choices.

NFTGo also offers visual depictions of NFT adoption or popularity through key indicators like Market Sentiment and Traders.

Other salient metrics depicted include:

Blue chip index
The Blue Chip Index monitors top-tier NFTs.

Market cap and volume
You can observe the comprehensive market cap and trading volume of the NFT sector across selected time spans.

Holders, traders, buyers, and sellers
These represent the count of distinct addresses engaged in holding, trading, purchasing, or vending NFTs within a chosen time frame.

Category market cap, liquidity, and volume
This section illustrates market cap, liquidity, and volume associated with various NFT categories.

These categories encompass:

  • PFPs
  • Land
  • Photography
  • Game
  • Collectibles
  • Art
  • Metaverse
  • Defi
  • IP
  • Social
  • Music
  • Utility
  • Domain name
  • Sports

Collection distribution

This reveals the percentage representation of top NFT collections listed on NFTGo based on volume or market cap within specified time intervals. Moreover, you can search for specific NFT collections featured on NFTGo. These collections can be ranked using pivotal metrics such as Volume, Market Cap, Sales, Floor Price, Whales, Blue Chip Holders, PnL, Wallets that minted it, Top Sales, etc. Customization of metrics can be achieved to align with individual preferences.

At the time of composing, NFTGo has successfully cataloged 3,958 NFT collections and 35,598,976 NFTs. Thus, unless you're seeking an obscure and inconsequential NFT, NFTGo is equipped to meet your needs.

Collection Analytics


NFTGo furnishes multidimensional data and charts for each NFT collection, serving to:

Evaluate the collection's value and assets; Determine the rarity of NFTs within the collection; Identify holder trends and notable stakeholders of the collection; Unearth the performance leaderboard and top traders within the collection; Monitor collection activities. Access project links, marketplaces, and key performance indicators of the collection.

Beyond offering a macro analysis of the NFT landscape, NFTGo visually portrays data and charts for all the NFT collections featured on its platform. Leveraging NFTGo's data, you can track trends within collections, including Market Cap and Volume, Floor Price, Average Price, Sales, Transactions, Liquidity, Holder Count, etc., over defined periods. Individual NFTs within a collection can be located and filtered based on price, attributes, and rarity scores.

Additional insights encompass:

  • Holders with the listing,
  • Listing count, listing prices above and below the floor price
  • Real-time floor depth.
  • Live listings and recent sales.
  • Collection activities like transfers, etc.

Moreover, NFT-buying addresses within the collection can be ranked by metrics such as PnL, Buy Volume, Sell Volume, Sent, Received, and Minted NFTs. This comprehensive data empowers you to uncover vital collection information, enabling well-informed investment decisions.

NFT analytics


NFTGo specializes in dissecting individual NFTs within a collection, offering essential data like trends in average price, sales activity, and volume over specific time frames. Unveil real-time details about the NFT's rarity and listing information as well.

Upon evaluating your chosen NFT, you gain the ability to conveniently buy or sell it via NFTGo.

Address analytics

NFTGo's analysis extends to NFT addresses, supplying key information such as:

  • NFT holdings,
  • Estimated value of holdings,
  • Cumulative profits and losses,
  • Historical trading prices over designated time periods,
  • Associated addresses (linked addresses for transfers and trades).

Track activities like sales and transfers conducted by the address. Directly utilize the NFTGo search bar to look up any specific address.

Empowering you with this comprehensive data, NFTGo allows you to discern and monitor whale activities, smart money movements, and the NFTs of significance held by these influential figures. Consequently, you can align your decisions with experienced professionals and avoid novice mistakes.

Upcoming Drops


NFTGo's scope isn't confined to existing NFTs; it also delivers insights into upcoming NFT drops. The "Drops" section presents details about forthcoming NFT collections, including collection size, minting price, associated website and social media links, and the designated minting date.

Watchlist Functionality



NFTGo introduces a watchlist feature enabling you to monitor and follow NFT collections of personal interest. Track both addresses and individual NFTs, and access other users' watchlists as well. Seamlessly import your watchlists from other NFT platforms into NFTGo. To do this, follow the steps outlined here.

Seamless Integration of Self-Built Marketplaces

NFTGo seamlessly integrates and tracks data from well-established marketplaces like OpenSeaLooksRareX2Y2,and more. This integration guarantees accurate and up-to-date market values for every NFT. Additionally, NFTGo incorporates data from self-built marketplaces of projects featured on, ensuring comprehensive market insights.

Listing Your NFT on NFTGo: Simplified Steps

Boost the visibility and success of your NFT by listing it on NFTGo, an analytical platform that enhances its prominence. NFTGo streamlines the listing process, ensuring that data shared with their community accurately mirrors the trends in the NFT market.

For automated listing on NFTGo, adhere to the following two prerequisites:

  1. Etherscan Open-Source Smart Contract: Your NFT project should have an open-source smart contract accessible on Etherscan.
  2. Minimum Secondary Market Trading Volume: Your NFT should demonstrate a trading volume exceeding 50 ETH in the secondary market.

Please be aware that NFTGo exclusively supports Ethereum blockchain projects currently, with plans to expand to multiple chains in the future.

Additionally, it's important to note that NFTGo retains the right to remove your project under the following circumstances:

  1. Malicious Activities: If your project is involved in activities like NFT spam, data manipulation, or includes hidden vulnerabilities in the contract code.
  2. Operational Cessation: If your project ceases its operations, rendering NFT data resources inaccessible.



NFTGo offers a commendable strategy for NFT analytics and aggregation. Its inclusive and open model is accessible to both beginners and experienced NFT buyers. The comprehensive array of analyzed metrics is impressive, covering aspects that some other aggregators may miss. It excels in providing a concise overview of the entire NFT market at a glance.

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