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AveDex is a decentralized aggregation information platform that combines data from multiple blockchains. It provides professional K-line tools for cryptocurrencies.



AveDex is a decentralized aggregation information platform that supports 9 chains. It provides professional coin charting tools and selects high-quality coins to capture market trends. It covers a wide range of domestic and international coins, offering market trends, price alerts, and coin detection to assist you in making informed decisions.

Yes, there are situations where when investing in a small token, you may only see the current on-chain exchange price and not have access to the overall trend.

However, with AveDex, you will have a completely new visual experience of on-chain transactions. With just one click and by inputting the contract address, you can see the K-line chart of all traceable transactions on the chain, providing a clear view of the token's historical and current price. You are no longer limited to real-time trading prices alone. By clicking the search function, you can explore past and present price movements, enabling various trend analysis experts to showcase their skills.

AveDex on-chain transactions

Yes, there is a scenario where you may be overwhelmed by multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs) such as PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, UniSwap, SushiSwap, and more, and you are unsure of which platform to use at any given moment to get the best price. Additionally, if you want to purchase tokens on different chains, you would typically need to switch to the corresponding swap platform for each chain to acquire the desired tokens.

As an aggregation trading platform, AveDex brings the convenience of aggregated trading to each user. The platform integrates with various liquidity pools, allowing it to fetch data from multiple pools and always provide users with the best available trading prices. Furthermore, AveDex covers data from multiple chains, enabling seamless switching between different tokens on the BSC and ETH chains without any hassle. Having access to multiple chains and pools on a single platform makes it highly convenient and practical for users.

As a decentralized aggregation trading platform, AveDex does not charge any additional fees. All transaction data is publicly transparent and can be verified on the blockchain. In addition to the advantages of visualized K-line charts, user-friendly interface, and automatic selection of the best prices, AveDex also offers a way for users to avoid the risks associated with traditional centralized exchanges, making it a preferred choice for many.

Currently, we have a considerable number of loyal users who have become part of our community, sharing information and engaging in discussions together. We are continuously working on further development and improvements. Various features such as adding new chains, precise optimizations, enhanced data display, and strategy analysis are being actively developed and will be introduced in due course.

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