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Ordinals Wallet ensures trustless control over Bitcoin and Ordinals NFTs, employing multi-sig, 2FA, and cold storage for secure management.


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Ordinals Wallet

What is Ordinals Wallet?

Ordinals Wallet stands as an entirely trustless and non-custodial Bitcoin wallet, purpose-built to accommodate Ordinals NFTs and their associated inscriptions. These Ordinals represent exceptional and limited digital assets that find their existence and safekeeping on the Bitcoin blockchain, meticulously crafted through the application of the Ordinal protocol. By supplementing these Ordinals with inscriptions, metadata that imparts enhanced significance and value, the wallet amplifies the utility and appeal of these digital treasures. Within the realm of Ordinals Wallet, users are empowered to engage in a spectrum of activities, encompassing the acquisition, vending, accumulation, and inscription of Ordinals, all facilitated through the use of Bitcoin.

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The Advantages of Choosing Ordinals Wallet

Opting for Ordinals Wallet unlocks a multitude of benefits, rendering it the premier gateway into the realm of Bitcoin NFTs. In contrast to alternative NFT platforms that operate on distinct blockchains, Ordinals Wallet harnesses the robust security, decentralization, and immutable nature intrinsic to Bitcoin, the paramount cryptocurrency renowned for its reliability and value. Notable advantages of Ordinals Wallet encompass its intuitive user interface, economical transaction fees, and rapid processing times. Within the ambit of Ordinals Wallet, you gain the capacity to:

  1. Embark on an Expansive Journey: Immerse yourself in a diverse landscape of Ordinals collections and inscriptions spanning various categories, ranging from art, gaming, memes, and sports, among others.
  2. Engage in Seamless Transactions: Effortlessly purchase and vend Ordinals, utilizing Bitcoin within a peer-to-peer marketplace that eliminates intermediaries and commission charges.
  3. Cultivate Your Creations: Utilize straightforward tools and templates to devise and mint your very own Ordinals, coupled with bespoke inscriptions that reflect your creative vision.
  4. Ensure Secure Custody: Rely on the wallet's robust encryption and backup functionalities to securely stow and manage your prized Ordinals within your personal repository.
  5. Visualize in Immersive Detail: Immerse yourself in the exquisite visual realm of your Ordinals, brought to life through high-quality 3D graphics and captivating animations.
  6. Showcase and Share: Flaunt your Ordinals to your social circles and followers through seamless social media sharing, underscoring your participation in the exciting world of Bitcoin NFTs.

In essence, Ordinals Wallet offers an amalgamation of security, innovation, and user-centric features, ushering you into a captivating domain where Bitcoin NFTs flourish like never before.


How to Create Ordinals Wallet

Step 1: Visit Ordinals wallet homepage.

Step 2: Click "Create wallet"

Ordinals Wallet

Step 3: Click "Create new wallet"

Ordinals Wallet

Step 4: Create your password, confirm it and click "Generate seed phrase"

Ordinals Wallet

Step 5: Copy your seed phrase and click "Next"

Ordinals Wallet

Step 6: Click "I understand".

Ordinals Wallet

Step 7: With your newly established Ordinals wallet at your disposal, you are poised to engage seamlessly with both BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin ordinals.

Begin by copying your designated "deposit address"; this action serves as the initial step toward infusing Bitcoin into your wallet, effectively inaugurating your journey with BRC-20 tokens. Furthermore, this very address facilitates the receipt of BRC-20 tokens.

Ordinals Wallet

Step 8: For a comprehensive overview of your BRC-20 tokens, Bitcoin ordinals, and domain names embedded within the Bitcoin blockchain, kindly proceed to "scroll downward". This engagement promises an insightful glimpse into your burgeoning digital asset spectrum.

Ordinals Wallet

In order to acquire BRC-20 tokens, domain names, or Bitcoin ordinals, it is imperative to visit the dedicated project page where a comprehensive listing of all projects can be found.

Ordinals Wallet

Within the confines of each project's webpage, you are granted the opportunity to peruse the assortment of tokens or NFTs that are currently presented for sale within the context of that particular project.

Ordinals Wallet

Step 9: When you intend to transfer Bitcoin to another individual, simply select the Send option.

Ordinals Wallet

EInput the intended recipient's Bitcoin address, specify the desired amount for the transfer, and proceed by selecting the "Send" option..

Ordinals Wallet

You are exclusively able to transmit Bitcoin from your Ordinals wallet to a Bitcoin wallet that is compatible with TAPROOT BTC addresses. These TAPROOT BTC deposit addresses are distinguishable by their commencement with "bc1p."

When the intention is to deposit BTC into your Ordinals wallet, apprehensions about wallet variations need not arise, as virtually all wallets and exchanges facilitate withdrawals to TAPROOT addresses.

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