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Our Telegram Management Tool, a proprietary black technology product by Yumi International's TG technical team, is team-owned and operated


Telegram Management Black Technology Product -

Telegram Management Tool

Telegram Management Tool

Our software is developed by a top-tier TG technical team based in the United States. All team members are from the United States. It is designed based on Telegram's internal mechanisms to create advanced technology products for mass and private messaging.

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Due to Telegram's inherent anti-marketing measures, typical marketing and basic script-registered accounts are quickly blocked, often after sending just 10 messages, with IP bans. Our software, however, employs dynamic proxy IP integration, automatically switching IPs during use, ensuring maximum resistance to bans.

Our software's primary highlights include precise and specialized functionalities, enabling one-click bulk management of Telegram accounts. These accounts demonstrate exceptional resilience and come with a plethora of features, including various modes for mass messaging and private chats. The software supports multiple concurrent tasks with a maximum load of 10,000 accounts, delivering high efficiency and rapid sending speeds.

Regarding data collection, we offer the most potent collection capabilities to date. We provide multi-dimensional attribute descriptions for group and account data, facilitating easier data management and significantly enhancing your marketing efficiency. Every message and advertisement you send will be targeted and purposeful, eliminating wastage.

Our specific functionalities are as follows:

1. Account Management:
- Real-time batch detection of inactive accounts, abnormal multi-IP logins, and mutual contact status, including unblocking dates.
- Batch modification of usernames, nicknames, avatars, bios, passwords, with one-click cloning of group members.

2. Proxy IP:
- Configure your own proxy IP, supporting socks5, offering numerous high-quality affordable proxy IPs for single-account single-IP usage, providing the most robust anti-ban measures.

3. Private Messaging:
- Send private messages using collected datasets and usernames.
- Comprehensive content editor for message content, supporting various content variables for diversified content forms.
- Automatic instant replies to private messages.

4. Group Invitations:
- Invite users using datasets and usernames.
- Set the desired number of invitees, with automatic stopping at the specified quantity.

5. Mass Messaging:
- Mass messaging to public and private groups.
- Variable and randomized content for mass messaging.
- Exclusive group control panel continuously refines multi-dimensional group data during software usage, significantly enhancing your efficiency.

6. Group Engagement:
- Support pre-set dialogues for group engagement, including randomized responses like likes.
- Sync chat records for group engagement, maintaining reply relationships and retaining images.

7. Account Unblocking:
- Batch unblocking of mutual contact accounts.

8. Data Collection:
- Collect target accounts with posting history, even without usernames, supporting specified languages for postings.
- Collect usernames from chat content.
- Collect group member usernames, supporting languages associated with specified nicknames.
- Collect groups based on keywords, delivering precise multi-dimensional data for detailed group insights.

9. Batch Actions:
- Support batch actions for common functionalities, making your work account an all-purpose tool.

10. Group Creation/Export:
- Clone numerous groups or channels from a template, aiding in group-based marketing.
- Export invitation links with full randomness for each message, ensuring unique messages each time.

11. Automatic Channel Forwarding:
- Automatically forward channel content, replacing keywords, and adding source tags to manage channel content effortlessly.

12. Built-in Telegram:
- Exclusive support for built-in Telegram, seamlessly verifying groups.

13. Other:
- Contact customer support for bug reports and new feature suggestions.

We are committed to providing you with an exceptional tool that empowers you to manage and interact more efficiently on the Telegram platform. Whether it's group operation, user engagement, or marketing promotion, our software will be your capable assistant, helping you achieve greater success in this dynamic digital era. Thank you for your attention and support. We look forward to delivering an excellent user experience for you. If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to reach out to us.

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